Chris Pak

Does it smell like up-dog in here?

About Me

Hi, nice to meet you! The name's Chris, and I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Computer Science at UCLA.

I like to think of myself as someone who is always striving to better himself, in terms of my career but also my life choices. As a result, problem-solving and critical thinking have been key tools in my journey thus far.

Challenges that I face on a daily basis pique my interest, and I've been blessed with the opportunity to create cleanly compiled solutions in a fast-paced environment with the help of highly skilled peers and mentors through a collaborative, team effort.

For a quick introduction to how I tackled my problems, read about my project experience below!

Picture at Mount Diablo

A picture of relief on the way down from Mount Diablo.


Automating a tournament bracket

Being one of the leaders of the Smash Bros. community at UCLA, I wrote from scratch a Python script that automates the scheduling of tournament matches by using Twilio API to send texts to each pair of participants that is seeded to play. The tournament data was scraped by leveraging Challonge's developer API. Check out my code here!

Personal website

A creative display of my personal projects and achievments.

You're looking at her! Built on top of a Bootstrap template, this is my first fully-fleshed front-end project. Having focused on backend programming for the majority of my coding career, I found crafting this website to be a meticulous labor of love. I used AngularJS to modularize the infrastructure of the content, and jQuery for some cool effects. Feel free to take a look at my code using DevTools, or for a more structured look, check my Github!

Dynamic calendar

An easy way to keep track of schedule.

I often feel that my mind is racing at a mile a minute, sometimes not with the most productive thoughts. To keep myself in check, I not only use this website to keep track of my accomplishments, but also write down my scheduled meetings with peers and class information on a dynamic calendar built with the help of AngularJS. This is still a work in progress, so stay tuned!